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Black Beard Fire Plugs

A Must Have For Every Backpacker, Bug Out Bag & 72 Hour Emergency Kit!

If you can’t make fire in a survival situation, you’re dead meat.

People think that important survival tools are things like water purifiers, knives, or maybe even guns, but they’re totally wrong.

Fire is the most important survival tool, bar none, and here’s why:

Fire can be used to boil lifesaving water without having to carry anything but a metal pot to boil it in.No filters, no gimmicks, just purifying heat.

Fire keeps you from freezing to death.

Did you know you could die of hypothermia in temperatures above freezing?

Fire hardens wood into almost iron like proportions. Think spear tips!

Fire’s great for cauterizing wounds!

Simple put, fire is MUST HAVE!

Black Beard Fire Plugs are an easy and convenient, must have fire tinder for every outdoor activity, home, vehicle, bug out bag and 72 Hour/Emergency Kit.

Black Beard Fire Plugs are for those who are interested in a lightweight, ultra compact fire starter but refuse to compromise on quality.

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