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※Our History
1997:Started Shanghai Office to sale flame retardant and additives.
2000:Established Shanghai Factory to produce halogen free flame retardant
2006:Established Zhejiang Factory.
2006:Established Shandong Factory.
2012:Constructed Flame Retardant R&D center, changed the role from product supplier to new solutions Application Service Provider.
2013:Expanded Shandong Factory for capacity increase.
2017:Xusen Chemicals’20th anniversary celebration.
※Our Factory
Xusen - China's non halogen flame retardant solution expert. We have a complete halogen free flame retardant product system and a mature halogen free flame retardant solution, so as to become the industry's trusted partner.
Xusen always diligent in independent innovation, to achieve a sustainable growth across, in recent twenty years, the company has invested heavily in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone, Jiashan, Zhejiang Industrial Park, Shandong juancheng Zhejiang Chemical Industry Park established our own R & D and production base, for company's sustainable development has laid a solid foundation.
Xusen always stepped in production, learning and research, combining the development of the fast lane, we and domestic several well-known colleges and universities and expert cooperation, has launched a covering inorganic, phosphorus and nitrogen, nitrogen, silicon and other composite flame retardant agent series products, the successful application of PA, PP, PBT modified plastic, Pu heat preservation materials, TPE elastic body, epoxy resin, rubber, cable materials, adhesives, paint, carpet, woven fabric coat and so on many domains. Xusen has always insisted on their own green dreams, all of our products meet the requirements of WEEE, ROHS, EUP.
※Our Product
Phosphorus-based flame retardant, nitrogen-based flame retardant, Inorganic fillers:
1.Individual Flame Retardant: melamine cyanurate(MCA), ammonium polyphosphate(APP II)、melamine polyphosphate(MPP)、aluminum hydroxide(ATH)、magnesium hydroxide(MDH)、Zinc Borate (ZB);
2.Halogen Free flame retardant for plastic;
3.Halogen Free flame retardant for non-Plastic;
4.Halogen Free flame retardant masterbatch;
5.Halogenated flame retardant;
6.Functional additive and masterbatch.
※Product Application
Customer Market: Engineering plastic (PA、PBT、PC), thermoplastic elastomer(TPE、TPU)、Polyolefin (PP、PE、EVA、PVC)、pressure-sensitive adhesive, solvent-based and water-based PU、PA fabric coating and adhesive、thermosetting resin, composite materials、silicone rubber;
Terminal market: fireproof paint、textile coating、electronics & electrical appliances 、cables and wires、engineering plastic、thermosetting resin、cellular insulant、new energy devices、interior materials、artificial leather
※Our Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate、MCA Reach Registration
※Production Equipment
Grinder、modification machine
※Production Market
Two production plants and one R&D center were equipped currently, several worldwide agencies making Xusen’s sales network spread all over the world. Our products could match strict flame retardant standard in many application fields and are in accordance with RoHS regluation. Xusen products are used widely in many industries, such as transportation, construction materials, electronics & electrical appliances and new energy devices and so on.
※Our Service
Work out professional halogen free flame retardant solution according to customers product and industry characteristics;
Serve customer directly, could continuesly support with high quality product;
Provide technical and logistic service based experienced teams of R&D Center.China Smoke Suppressing FR For Polyester Fabrics manufacturers
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