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  • Drakonx Private Investigator Detective Orlando Florida 186 - Gujarat - Bharuch ID1167475


Web: https://www.drakonx.com/ (Chat with us)

Email: info@drakonx.com

Toll: 866-224-1245

WhatsApp: 866-224-1245

Drakonx Investigations is a licensed and insured Private Investigation Agency in Orlando, Florida.

What is the cost of Hiring a Orlando / Kissimmee Private Investigator? CALL US NOW at 866-224-1245

Orlando / Kissimmee Detective services:

• Background Investigation

• Business Due Diligence

• Birth Parent Locate Investigation

• Child Abuse or Molestation

• Child Custody and Visitation Investigations

• Child Exploitation and Obscenity

• Child Support Investigations

• Cohabitation Investigation

• Cold Case Unsolved Criminal Investigations

• Competitive Business Intelligence

• Computer Forensics Investigation

• Corporate Slander Investigation

• Eavesdropping Bugs Detection

• Elder Abuse Investigations

• Embezzlement Investigation

• Employee Malingering Investigation

• Employee Theft Investigation

• Employment Misconduct Investigation

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Financial Fraud Investigations

• Hidden Assets Investigation

• Hom-icide, Mur-der and Death Investigation

• Human Tra-fficking Investigations

• Identity Theft Investigations

• Insurance Fraud Investigations

• Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement Investigations

• Defamation and Slander Investigations

• Labor Dispute Investigations

• Litigation Support

• Locate Lost People

• Malpractice Investigation

• Maritime or Boating Investigations

• Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation

• Mind Control or Brainwashing Investigations

• Missing Persons Investigations

• Money Laundering Investigations

• Personal Protection

• Polygraph and Lie Detection

• Pre-Employment Background Screening

• Probate Heir Investigation

• Worldwide Process Service

• Real Estate Fraud Investigations

• Religion or Faith Based Investigation

• Runaway and Missing Children Investigations

• Security Consulting

• Se-xu-al Harassment Claims

• Spousal Support Alimony Investigations

• Stalking and Harassment Investigations.

• Sting Operations

• Strike and Labor Unrest Investigations

• Substance Abuse Investigation

• Tenant Background Screening

• Traffic and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

• Undercover Workplace Investigations

• Vendor and Provider Background Screening Investigations

• White Collar Financial Crime Investigations

• Witness Canvas, Locates and Interviews

• Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigations (AOE/COE)

• Workplace Violence and Dispute Investigation

• Mystery and Secret Shopper Investigations

• Narco Dr-ug Traffic Investigations

• Social Media Investigation

• Organized Crime Investigations

• Paternity Investigations

• Personal Injury Investigations

• Counterfeiting Investigations

• Counter-Surveillance

• Covert Surveillance

• Criminal Investigation

• Discrimination Claims Investigations

• Divorce Investigation

• Domestic Investigations

• Drug Testing

• Due Diligence Investigation

• Teen Activity Investigations

• Adopted Child or Parents Locate Investigation

• Adultery, Infidelity, Unfaithful, Cheating Spouse Investigations

• Arson or Fire Loss Investigation

• Background Checks (Online Dating)

Contact a Orlando / Kis-simmee Private Investigator Today:

Drakonx Investigations

Web: https://www.drakonx.com/ (Chat with us)

Email: info@drakonx.com

Toll: +1-866-224-1245 (WhatsApp)

Licenses: CAPI 25425 - FLPI A1000095 - CAPPO 16170 - FLPS B1700404

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