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  • How hand therapy can help relieve pain - Oregon - Portland ID1408737

Let’s face it: no matter how healthy and active you are, there’s a good chance you've suffered – or will suffer - from an ache or pain at some point in your life. Whether you're dealing with chronic neck pain due to poor posture or undergoing physical therapy for a more serious injury, we can all agree that the last thing anyone wants is to be in continuous discomfort.

Fortunately, seeking relief doesn't have to mean taking heavy medication or invasive surgery – hand physical therapy can offer natural ways of helping manage your soreness without risk.

In this article, I'll share both tips and tricks on how hand therapy can help alleviate (or even prevent!) many common pains.

Many people think that physical therapy is only for athletes

Physical therapy is often thought to be intended primarily for athletes, but it can be beneficial for anyone who is looking for pain relief. Through a personalized program created by your physical therapist, you can improve core stability and posture, reduce inflammation in injured areas, and manage chronic conditions.

Physical therapy doesn't just provide pain relief; it offers strength training, relief from stress and tension, corrective exercises that target specific areas of the body so muscle imbalances can be corrected, and an improved sense of well-being.

All of this adds up to an overall healthier lifestyle that comes with long-term results. Whether you're an athlete recovering from injury or just want to find ways to minimize your pain levels while everyday activities become easier and more pleasant, physical therapy offers a wide range of solutions tailored specifically to each individual patient.

Physical therapy can help improve your range of motion and flexibility

Physical therapy is an invaluable tool for managing both chronic and acute pain. Through targeted exercises, physical therapists can help increase a patient's range of motion and flexibility - two key components to improving overall comfort and mobility.

With increased flexibility comes decreased pain levels, often reducing the need for medication or pricey hormonal treatments. Additionally, physical therapy can provide new skills that aid in long-term self-care, helping to combat the recurrence of pain in the future.

Physical therapy can also help strengthen the muscles

Physical therapy is designed to reduce pain and improve mobility, allowing people to regain the full range of motion in their affected joints. One of the most beneficial approaches to physical therapy is strengthening exercises geared towards building the muscles around the area of pain.

This type of exercise helps to provide additional support to troubled joints, preventing them from further injury while simultaneously alleviating or reducing existing pain. With such an approach, these exercises can drastically improve mobility and quality of life for those who have experienced joint-related issues.

Talk to your doctor about whether physical therapy could help you find relief

Physical therapy is an efficient and effective method of relieving pain in many different areas of the body. By focusing on strengthening existing muscles, loosening cramped joints, or introducing new postural habits, practicing physical therapy can help to bring natural relief from pain.

If you are in pain and looking for a way to find relief without relying solely upon medication, make sure you talk to your doctor about whether physical therapy could offer the solution you’re seeking.

In many cases, it has been found that physical therapy interventions are better at providing lasting relief than pharmaceutical remedies.

Bottom line

Hand therapy is an important treatment option for many problems associated with the hand, wrist, and arm. It can be helpful in treating pain, improving function, and preventing disability.

Hand therapists are highly trained professionals who can provide you with comprehensive care. If you are located in Portland and experiencing pain or other problems with your hands, wrists, or arms, make an appointment with happy hand. The best hand therapy in portland is a specialty hand clinic that focuses on holistic, individualized, one-on-one treatment. So why wait? get in touch with portland hand therapy today and see the difference by yourself.

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