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  • Premium Material: This DIY unfinished wood birdhouse made of 100% natural solid wood-waterproof and strong hemp rope.No formaldehyde, no bad smell,natural and environmentally friendly,protect the health of birds.
    Bird Houses to Paint: These wooden birdhouses are 100% unfinished which means you and your kids can paint or decorate the surface to make it more fun or creating match your casual style home or holiday decoration as a personalized gift.
    Dimensions: The base is about 4.3 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and 5.5 inches high with 4.3 inches length of hemp rope, It is large and exquisite, suitable for Dove,Finch,Wren,Robin,Sparrow Hummingbird,etc.
    Simple Hanging Rope: Our birdhouses for outdoor hanging come with a thick hanging rope that makes it easier to hang directly on a branch or at the end of a long hanging hook,great for backyard bird watching and feeding.
    Warming Tips:When the temperature is slightly lower, you can add other dry grass to prevent the weather.It’ll provide them a safe place to build a nest and raise young.

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