Privacy Policy

Classtize has it's own privacy policies describing you how Classtize effectively and efficiently manages your worthy personal information in it's database. You help us to collect, share your personal information for use and Classtize helps you to protect and to keep it safe as far as possible.


How we use personal information:

Classtize account system uses user email address as an unique identifier. Email address along with sessions cookies are used to run the account system.

Any person can post any sort of advertisements or classifieds in this Classtize for which the respected person is solely responsible and liable. can delete any such posted advertisements and/or classifieds, which it thinks unfit, illegal and/or not purposeful for the site without any prior intimation to the poster of that deleted advertisement(s) or classified(s). As information posted on Classtize is inevitably for publicly available therefore, if you choose to provide Classtize with your personal information you are automatically consenting to the transfer and storage of your valuable information on Classtize database. Classtize does not sell and share or sell any personal information.

Classtize may use user email address present in listing / user account to send updates and notifications.

What we share:

Classtize does not share any sort of information but the users can share information with and through other platforms.

Do we use cookies:

Classtize uses cookies together with Other information including users IP address, standard web log information, page URL,timestamp. With the help of cookies Classtize can track the user trends for amelioration of the user's interaction with Classtize. You may also disable your cookies from your browser which can hinder your interaction with some important features available on Classtize.

Third party companies may use cookies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information regarding your visit to our website this is done so as to show you ads that serve your interest.

How to delete personal information:

lasstize shall delete the post after the expiry of (6)months from the date of posting the classifieds. In this Classtize anonymous user can not delete the post but on request to Classtize the post can be deleted by Classtize before the expiry date if sufficient identification proof can be produced to Classtize from the requesting user.